About Us

S amahita Wirotama (SW) is a company engaged in Strategic Management and HR consultation, providing workshops and training that equips Peak Management, Line and HR to be able to design strategies and manage HR in an effort to achieve the company's vision and mission, in accordance with the values of organizational culture which are desired. At first SW helped local companies that continued to grow rapidly, where they wanted to develop the company, but were constrained by the human resources they have. Therefore, SW seeks to provide solutions that are suitable for the needs of the company.

In reality, designing strategies and managing HR are not as easy as imagined, not to mention the complexity is very large when it is in an organizational context. Basically, Strategic Management is an effort to produce the right decisions in managing the business and its continuity, and how to execute these decisions or strategies effectively and efficiently, by utilizing the resources of the organization. Accurate external and internal analysis are needed to be able to produce the right strategy and a particular methodology, so that the strategic targets that have been made can be measured (key performance indicators) and made initiatives to achieve.

Managing people itself is also not easy, especially when we have to defend our best people from piracy or other things that can make them decide to no longer join us. Efforts are needed to build HR management systems and infrastructure, not just personal approaches and charismatic leadership. It is no secret that the development of the company is indeed in the hands of talents that can make the company experience very rapid progress. Therefore, HR Management has begun to move, from traditional management (only paying attention to personnel administration and labor law only) to talent management that greatly contributes to efforts to achieve the company's vision.

SW is here to provide solutions: building infrastructure for Strategic and HR Management and implementing valuable talent management for the company.

Our Consultants

Ferry Wirawan Tedja, M. Psi., CHRM, CSEP, CBPM, CKPI

Strategic and HR Management Consultant

A Strategic and HR Management Practitioner with experiences in distribution, retail, manufacturing and oil & gas companies since the year 2000. He is also a certified Strategy Management Expert in implementation on BSC (Balanced Scorecard) and OKR (Objectives and Key Results) and a guest lecturer in University of Surabaya, Petra Christian University, Unika Widya Mandala and Pelita Harapan University Surabaya and Jakarta in Psychology, Economics, Industrial Engineering Faculties and Master of Management. In order to anticipate and adapt the agile changes in the market, he is ready to assist companies to achieve their objectives by evaluating their performance using the most efficient and effective methods.

Andrew Nangoy

IT Consultant

An IT Management Practitioner since the year 2005 who serves in distribution, retail, and manufacturing companies. He is experienced in helping various companies to develop integrated systems, analysis, and data processing.

Imam Syafii Karim, S.T.

Management System Consultant

An expert with 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of various series of ISO Management Systems, Industrial Management, Lean Manufacturing, and Efficiency Improvement, starting from QCC, Six Sigma, and Lean Sigma. Besides, he also conducts Audit and Pre-Assessment of Quality Systems based on ISO series standards of various companies, ranging from consumer goods companies to SOEs in various cities of Indonesia.

Bodhiya Wijaya Mulya, S.Sos., M.M.

Business Research Consultant

Business and social research practitioner with 11 years of hands on experience. He has done research on various sector such as marketing, sociology, communication, branding, human resources, family business, SME, and development aid. As business research expert, he gives lecture and seminar to different companies, NGOs, and universities in Indonesia. Besides experience with private sector, he had been working for Australian Government program as Head of Monitoring and Evaluation for 7 years.



Not only does SW use proven theories and methodologies to provide Strategic Management and HR solutions, but it also bases these solutions on principles of proven truth.


SW doesn't rely on improper and immoral ways of doing business to provide value to customers but instead prioritizes truth and honesty to conduct business and provide solutions, as well as to maintain the client's confidentiality.


SW provides a rational solution and does not favor the interests of certain parties, in its efforts to provide solutions based on the principles of truth and justice.


SW provides solutions transparently, with full courtesy and dignity, to be able to provide a rational and accurate way out to every problem and be well received.